Ricardo Watson

Founder and one of the Directors of Eternautas. He was brought up in grand houses in Núñez and in flats in Belgrano. In the 1980s rock music started to broaden his mind. In the 1990s it was University that did so (History at the Universidad de Buenos Aires). Cinema and the Internet did the rest. A reader, a travel writer, an enthusiast of photography and a passionate admirer of urban life. He has reviewed books for Radar supplement, and some of his snapshots illustrate the editions of both the guide and some magazines of Time Out Buenos Aires. He co-authored Buenos Aires tiene Historia (2008), Marriott Plaza Hotel: los primeros cien años (2009), Buenos Aires de Fiesta (2010) and Libro de Huespedes (2013). He occasionally mounts heritage crusades, such as the one which restored the original name to the Teatro Ópera. As a tour leader for the company he has travelled to Mitteleuropa, Peru, Baltics and Russia. He has a weakness for soundtracks, interwar modernism and brazilian music.

Lucas Rentero

Director and founder of Eternautas. A porteño, despite being originally from Floresta and Villa Real. While working as an international telephone operator, he studied History at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, and Fine Arts at the Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte. After his graduation, he took a postgraduate course in Urban History at the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella and started working as a teacher at Instituto Summa. He has been teaching History of Buenos Aires at the IES Abroad courses and at the Tour Guiding course run by the Government of Buenos Aires, as well as devoting himself to his family and his company. He also contributes to Encuentro TV Channel and Educ.ar (Conectar Igualdad). He co-authored Buenos Aires tiene Historia (2008) and Buenos Aires de Fiesta (2010). He is a dedicated cook and brews homemade beer.