The architecture of Buenos Aires is disconcerting, suggestive and cosmopolitan. Multiple international sources were the inspiration for a local trend that was decided by the reworking rather than the simple copy. Of the last two centuries the city retains a vast and eclectic historicist, modernist and avant-garde heritage. This walk is surrounded by colonial cloisters, Belle Epoque commercial galleries, monumental railway terminals, rationalist theaters, art deco skyscrapers, brutalist banks and the contemporary works of Puerto Madero.

Take a note that although the tour focuses on façades, we enter some of the buildings to see distinctive features. This journey remains complementary with “Images of Buenos Aires” Tour for their itineraries are not overlapped.

Difficulty: low.
Season: all year round.

Explore the architectural universe of Buenos Aires, a labyrinth of styles of Western culture. Among others we see Plaza San Martin and the financial city (from colonial times, passing by monumental bank architecture from the belle époque to some impressive brutalist jewel from the 1960s), eclectic Avenida de Mayo and Plaza Congreso and postmodern and controversial area of Puerto Madero (including international celebrities such as Calatrava, Pelli, Foster and Viñoly).

Duration: 4 hs.

Includes: transport + cultural tour guide.