The Buenos Aires Jewish community is one of the largest in the world and its heritage remains very much preserved. Specialists guide this very comprehensive tour that introduces us into the unique features of the Buenos Aires Jewish culture. We explore the traditional Jewish neighbourhood, “Once”, the new AMIA building (mutual fund organization whose previous head office suffered a terrorist attack in 1994) and some outstanding Ashkenazi or Sephardic temples as well as the site where the Israel Embassy used to stand prior to the 1992 attack. Important note: donations are not included.

Difficulty: low.
all year round, preferably take place every morning from Tuesday to Friday (to have access to the temples).

Important: For safety reasons visiting institutions request name and surname, nationality and passport number in advance. The original of the latter must be displayed at the time of entry to the site.

(Stops at every site) Israel’s Ambassade Square, Libertad temple, Teatro IFT, “Once” streets, Paso temple and AMIA facade.

Duration: 4 hs.
2 pax: USD 310.
+10 pax: USD 40 c/u.

Includes: transportation + cultural guide member of the community.
Not included: donations to the temples visited (approx USD 15 per person).