To achieve a deep expertise in the city. The same areas visited at “Images of Buenos Aires” are here more thoroughly explored, while other areas and sites are added. Downtown and the southern districts are visited during the morning. Our journey continues –after lunch- by going along the Northern districts of the city. We the visit the most important squares, colonial churches, traditional cafes, main neighborhoods, colourfully painted tin houses, modern glass towers and large avenues, palaces of the belle époque as well as parks. Furthermore, this whole day experience refers to the following matters: tango, soccer, Peronismo, Argentinean crisis’ causes, architectonical evolution of the city, café culture and other key topics for a complete understanding of this ever changing metropolis.

Difficulty: low.
Season: all year round.

Downtown (Plaza de Mayo/Cathedral - stop), Montserrat, San Telmo (stop), la Boca (Caminito – stop), Puerto Madero (stop); San Martín Square (stop), Palermo Chico, Bosques de Palermo and Recoleta Cemetery (stop).

Duration: 8 hs.
2 pax: USD 600.
10 pax: USD 70 each.

Included: transport + cultural guide.
Not included: Cost of lunch. Passengers choose the restaurant.