Explore an area of the city off the beaten path. Barracas, Parque Patricios and Nueva Pompeya are three neighborhoods that have had a very different development to the “historic” south that stretches between Plaza de Mayo and La Boca. This “other south”, less picturesque, more fragmented, away from the touristic spots, preserves in its streets a shadow of that old industrial Buenos Aires of the early twentieth century: an area which was eventually taken over by working class neighborhoods and where much of the social housing built throughout the 20th century was put up. 

Now, with gentrification well underway and real estate investors eyeing more and more of its architectural patrimony, these area is the forefront of the ongoing transformation of Buenos Aires, sometimes not necessarily for the better. This tour aims to show that process and what the city’s “New South” once was, now is and what it might become. Old run-down factories, a new technological district, street murals, secret society meeting places, worker housing complexes, neo-gothic churches and art deco soccer stadiums, the hidden districts of Buenos Aires have a story to tell.

Explore an area of ​​the city off the beaten path. Masonic logia house, Hipólito Yrigoyen Station, Lanín passage, synagogue and social houses in Barracas, The brand new City Hall by Sir Norman Foster (Parque Patricios), Our Lady of Pompeii sanctuary and, Alsina bridge,

Main attractions: Metropolitan Design Centre, Lanín Passage, Sanctuary of Pompeii, social housing.
Duration: 4 hs.