A classic of Eternautas: going for a walk around Plaza San Martín, Arroyo Elbow and Pellegrini Square. In the Porteño and Argentinean imagination, this area of Retiro is synonymous with "French" and good taste. Around 1910, unprecedented doses of fortune and power made possible the appearance of majestic buildings that contributed greatly to the nickname of Buenos Aires as the "Paris of South America". This did not prevent the neighbourhood from acquiring, at the same time, a railway -and by extension, British- profile that still survives today.

Above the ravine are palaces, neo-Romanesque churches that emulate the Parisian Sacre Coeur, hotels that are heirs to the Ritz and our most Manhattanesque building: the Kavanagh. Surrounding them all, a square that is the glory (of St. Martin, but also of all those who stroll around it). Below the ravine, the "English" tower and the portentous railway sheds that have become the non plus ultra of the railway terminal stations.

A stroll through a corner of Buenos Aires that harks back to a time when the city was obsessed with the illusion of looking European. And it succeeded.
Duration: 2 hs.