This tour is designed to help shed light on the key political, economic, social and cultural elements that explain 21st century Argentina. Traces of the not-so-distant past, scattered throughout the city, allow us to tackle the fundamental historical issues of our country between the overthrow of Perón in 1955 and contemporary Argentina: The political turbulence of the 60s and 70s, the trade unions, the urban guerrilla movement, the last military dictatorship, the Malvinas war, the return of democracy, the country’s international indebtedness, the economic and political reforms of the 90s, the 2001 social and economic crises, the Kirchner years and onto today far-right populist Milei.


Buenos Aires’ harbour, River Plate’s Soccer stadium, Obras’ Stadium, Sitio de la Memoria (former ESMA, stop), Ciudad Universitaria (stop), Parque de la Memoria (stop).
Duration: 4 hs.