By presenting the topography of a long lasting dilemma, this tour was designed for the understanding of the political, economical, social and cultural keys that explain Argentina’s current situation. This journey is an exercise of recollection of urban traces that refer to unavoidable facts since the fall of the first Peronismo to the present: the conflicts of the ’60 and ’70, unions, guerrillas, military dictatorships, Malvinas’ war, the return to democracy, the country’s international indebtedness, the changes in the ’90, the economical and social crises and the struggles of December 2001.

Difficulty: low.
Season: all year round.

Buenos Aires’ harbour, River Plate’s Soccer stadium, Obras’ Stadium, Sitio de la Memoria (former ESMA, stop), Ciudad Universitaria (stop), Parque de la Memoria (stop).
Duration: 4 hs.

Includes: transport + cultural tour guide.