Eternautas is a company run by historians graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, who have been managing it since March 1999. We focus on tailor-made cultural circuits which intend to convey the history, the architectural features, the cultural codes, the political and economic nuclei, and the social and demographic data of the various tourist destinations. All these itineraries interact closely with their urban context, as they aim to provide passengers with the opportunity not only to enjoy their visit, but also to have an understanding of the characteristics of the sites visited.

By approaching themes and urban areas which are often disregarded by the tourism offer for being “non-touristic”, Eternautas has managed to establish itself as one of the leading suppliers of Cultural Tourism at the local level.

Social and cultural programs for participants and companions take on outstanding importance in the context of an event. That is the reason why Eternautas has designed a product that aims to satisfy the needs of those companies and institutions that attempt to strengthen relationships and establish business contacts, in a leisurely ambiance. We specialize in tailor-made programs, which we have designed and developed since 1999. It is through them that we foster trans-cultural communication when foreign visitors spend some time in the city.

These initiatives have met such favourable reception that the company has been able to grow and establish itself in an effective way. Eternautas operates as a provider of services for the corporate market, embassies, public and private institutions, events and conferences, tour operators, national and foreign educational institutions, hotels, and numerous Argentine and foreign individuals who seek the appraisal of cultural heritage and its historical dimension.

Since the company broadened its array of products in 2009, it has incorporated some European and Asian destinations and has designed tours which bear all the hallmarks of Eternautas. These are MitteleuropaMediterranean ItalyPortugal & SpainAlps, Alsace & The Black Forest, Uzbekistan, Greece, Turkey, Northern Italy, Balkans, Al-Ándalus, The Baltics, Romania and Bulgary, Scandinavia and Perú.

On the other hand, the company has become established in the area of publishing, audiovisual and educational cultural products:

  • Between 2011/2020 Eternautas was in charge of managing the Guided Visits Program at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, which also implies training and monitoring its guides.
  • In 2008 Eternautas published Buenos Aires tiene historia: Once itinerarios guiados por la ciudad, which has reached its third edition so far and has been declared to be of Cultural Interest by the City of Buenos Aires Legislature. In 2010 their Buenos Aires de Fiesta. Luces y Sombras del Centenario it was a critical look at the city of 1910.
  • Marriott Plaza Hotel. Celebrando los primeros cien años (2009) goes over the history of that legendary hotel in Buenos Aires, on the occasion of its centenary. In the same way they took charge of the historical research for Libro de Huéspedes (2014), dedicated to the centenary of the Viejo Hotel Ostende. Eternautas also produced the timeline of the country history through its images for the ambitious project 200 (La Marca Editora/2010), which was awarded the best published and printed book in Argentina under the Bicentenary category. Eternautas was responsible for the historical research and the gathering of images and objects displayed in the event called Pirelli, 100 años en la Argentina. Mitad de la historia la recorrimos juntos.
  • In 2015 Eternautas designed a Guided Visits Program for the Centro Cultural Kirchner (CCK) and was in charge of all institutional visits to this landmark building at the time of its inauguration.
  • The company has developed some cultural products, publishing audiovisual and educational products, contributed in the elaboration of contents for different channels, TV programs, web sites and others.
  • Eternautas gives lectures and offers courses about the city history, architecture, cinema and art.