Beyond the standardized glimpses of Buenos Aires, another city remains unveiled. A visit to some of the “forgotten” neighbourhoods that are away from the tourist circuits and that – nevertheless – preserve amazing stories and gorgeous buildings. Barracas, Nueva Pompeya, Parque Patricios and Boedo are the urban grounds of old factories, street murals, secret societies, working class social-housings, remarkable churches, parks, bridges, traditional bars and significant people. As a journey that grasps both to the past and present of the working class sectors, this tour rediscovers the leading parts of workers, immigrants, tramways, railroads, tango and soccer in the city’s historical script.

Difficulty: low.
Season: all year round.

Explore an area of ​​the city off the beaten path that is being transformed without losing its popular imprint. Masonic logia house, Hipólito Yrigoyen Station (stop) and Lanín passage (stop) in Barracas, Parque Patricios district, Our Lady of Pompeii sanctuary (stop), Alsina bridge, Boedo Av. (stop).

Main attractions: You can see the Yrigoyen station, the Lanín Passage, the Sanctuary of Pompeii, social housing, Margot and Manzi cafes.
Duration: 4 hs.
2 pax: USD 267.
10 pax: USD 40 each.

Includes: transport + cultural tour guide.